Q: What is BASTOS Life all about?

A: BASTOS Life is more of an attitude. It is an attitude that knows you can’t please everyone, so just do what makes you happy. It’s about not caring about what people think of you. You are your own person, other peoples’ opinions don’t define you, unless you let them.

Q: Is this a sex site?

A: It isn’t. BASTOS Life is a site that promotes a certain attitude, or lifestyle. We felt the need to address this because we get a lot of private messages asking about girls or what-nots. Do your own thing.

Q: Are the people behind BASTOS Life perverts?

A: You say perverts like it’s a bad thing. *wink* But thank you for the compliment. The people behind BASTOS Life are a fun mix of smart, sassy, feisty, and creative individuals who do things that make them happy.

Q: Are you promiscuous?

A: A promiscuous person is someone getting more sex than you are. We don’t promote nor admonish promiscuity. Whatever floats your boat.

Q: How does one live the BASTOS Life?

A: It’s simple—do your own thing, be happy in your own skin, avoid negative self-talk, radiate confidence! Life gets easier, and you, happier, when you stop minding other peoples’ business, and what others think of you. Just do you.